Connect with Your Heart. Lead with Love.
Live Freely and Fully. 

My Story

It is often said that we are put into the places, spaces, and around the people who can most help us to grow. For me, that couldn’t be more true.

When I entered law school in my early 20s, I was a high achiever, a perfectionist, and a service-minded woman - like many of you reading this, I’m sure. I knew a lot of my own personal and professional goals, including the area of law I wanted to work in (or so I thought). 

So like many ambitious young professionals, I got to work. I took internships and jobs in government, non-profit, and private sector spaces. I tried litigation, regulatory, and corporate law, as well as investing time in legal academic research and publications. I took classes in the areas that would support me after I graduated. To my dismay, no matter what I tried, I consistently felt lost, alone, and not quite at home in any of these experiences - and I didn’t know why. 

My moment of reckoning and clarity came through my experience with the Bar Exam. That experience provided the opportunity to realize what I had been missing - a genuine connection with my heart, a deeper emotional understanding and acceptance of myself and what I wanted for my life outside of the law, and the realization that it was time to transform my tendencies to self-abandon, self-sacrifice, and place my worth outside of myself. 

Through a multitude of modalities - including coaching, subconscious work, yoga, meditation, journaling, and self-reflection - I have developed a strong, loving relationship with myself since graduating law school over six years ago. One that welcomes in love as something I am worthy of just for being me, rather than something I have to earn through actions/doing. One that places me at the center of my world, and asks: how do I want to relate with myself? How do I want to relate with friends, family, a partner, and loved ones? How do I actively choose to surround myself with people who support me in my life? How do I want to show up professionally as a lawyer, leader, and human in my life?

Put simply? I realized I wanted to forge my own path - to fight for my own mission and my own sense of justice and righteousness in a profession that (in my opinion) has underestimated the creative potential that we lawyers are capable of for far too long. 

Today, as someone working with heart-centered lawyers who want to forge their own, unique paths; heart-centered leaders to legally protect their businesses in my capacity as a lawyer; and heart-centered humans who are looking to build wise loving relationships through mediation, I can say with certainty that my commitment to my relationships - with myself, with my loved ones, and with my career - is what brought me into living fully and freely.

Let’s work together

This is a space where we honor the humanness in lawyers, leaders, and one another so that we can thrive being all of who we are. Because we all deserve to live our lives from a loving, fulfilled, heart-centered place. And the world needs us exactly as we are. 

So, what’s your story, friend? And what path do you want to forge now and in the future to live fully and freely? 

I can’t wait to get to know you and work with you toward your most heart-centered expression. 

All my love,

Let’s work together

How I Practice Wellness In Everyday Life

I love being active, especially in the ocean – swimming, surfing, snorkeling, SUP-ing and other water activities bring me immense joy!

I love a good dance night out with my ladies.

I enjoy learning about systems that explore personality: Western and Vedic astrology, the Lunar Zodiac, Human Design, the Enneagram, Myers-Briggs, etc.

My favorite place on Earth (so far!) is at sunrise on the top of Mount Haleakala in Maui, Hawaii. 

Fantasy/superhero, romance, and heart-felt anime movies/TV shows are my jam - from Outlander, Harry Potter, and Wonder Woman, and to Jane Austin and Disney, to Miyazaki films + Avatar: The Last Airbender. 

I love long, old-school phone calls with friends. The nostalgia of a simpler time and the gift of connecting with loved ones brings my heart so much joy.